Raytheon Opens New Marine Sales And Service Facility In Mississippi

Raytheon Service Company has opened a new marine sales and s e r v i c e f a c i l i t y in Greenville, Miss., to serve the river transportation industry on the Mississippi.

The facility will provide sales and 24-hour service of marine electronic, communications, and navigation equipment used on towboats, tugs, barges, workboats, and recreation vessels. A f u l l i n v e n t o r y of replacement parts will be available to all riverboat operators.

As an authorized dealer for Raytheon Marine Company, the facility will market a complete line of marine electronic equipment including radars, VHF and SSB radiotelephones, loudhailers, Loran C, gyros, F a t h o m e t e r® depth sounders, and satellite navigation and communications systems.

Raytheon Service Company has more than 30 years' experience in marine services with other facilities in California, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The new Greenville facility is headed by Joseph Mandino, manager, Mississippi region, and is located at 1836 Highway 82 E; telephone (601) 335-5150.

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