Gems Roli Provides Continuous Level Indication For Deep Tanks

gems roli provides
continuous level indication
for deep tanks

A unique, roll-out linear insert to provide continuous level indication in deep tanks is now available from Gems Sensors Division, Plainville, Conn. The unit is readily adaptable for use in inaccessible or difficult tanks as well. Called the Gems Roli, the insert provides consistent accuracy to % -inch to ± V2 -inch. It is supplied on a spool for easy shipping and handling. A wide choice of magnet-equipped Gems floats is available for use with the insert.

This versatile Gems Roli is inserted into a preinstalled IVi-inch, Schedule 40, non-magnetic pipe. When installed in stainless steel pipe, it is compatible with many different liquids.

The Roli may be used with all of Gems receivers, or with instrument control loops which are equipped with 0-5 VDC, 0-12 VDC or 4-20 MA signal conditioners. Gems zener barrier Safe Pak relays may also be used with the Roli to make it intrinsically safe.

These linear inserts are said to be ideal for use in land-based facilities such as large chemical storage and process tanks, oil storage vessels, aboard marine tankers, or in other large tanks where accessibility is a problem.

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